5555 N. Sheridan Rd., #802
Chicago, IL 60640

Founded in 1981 by Howell Browne, Erminger Corp. has long been a source of information technology support for small businesses in the Chicago area. Its clients have come to rely on Mr. Browne and the company's network of IT specialists for intelligent and timely help in installing, updating, and maintaining systems that work for them.

Over the years, Erminger Corp. has provided installation and support for local area networks, accounting and other business software, telecommunications infrastructure, and desktop and laptop computers. For many years, it sold hardware and software products; today it assists clients with obtaining those products from suitable vendors.

The company's approach has always been to help clients be as self-sufficient as possible, to provide only those services that the client truly needs, and to do so in a timely fashion. In the Internet era, it has used remote access to clients' servers and desktops to provide certain types of help without having to travel to the client's offices. Much of the support it provides is through brief phone calls combined with online access to the client's system.

Clients today represent diverse areas including law, non-profit services, church, landscape architecture, commodities trading, and distribution. The company also has clients who themselves provide IT support services, mainly to municipal governments and small businesses.

For further information, email Howell Browne (heb@erminger.com) or call 773-275-4801.